Confessional: Britt Maren

Alexander Wang Confessional of Vogue's Editorial "Carte Blanche" with Britt Maren (from last post) ...

white white white classic white

The first minute I saw this editorial I found something on each picture I totally adore. Its the style the shoot is made and all the overwhelming use of white which fascinates me. I cant stop looking at these pitures.

Its all about these gorgious accessories. As I love chunky big stone jewellery, the first necklace is just the best. Or take a look at the ivory earrings in the second picture.. I bought two ivory pieces a little bit similiar to these about 5 years ago, of which I wanted to make wonderful earrings myself.. but i never managed to do it. But now its great to have a motivation when i see this possible result!

And look at this Céline cape in the next picture! Isnt it breathtakingly amazing!?

Britt Maren photographed by Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer for Vogue Germany April 2011. Editorial titled "Carte Blanche".

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Lindsay Lullman photographed by Simon Emmett 

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coming up DIY

I bought a couple of fabrics last week and I'll be transforming them into some cool pieces (hopefully :)
Somehow I discovered in the shop that I'm into greens.. which is fun, cause I just wanted to buy one neon green, but came out with three difenrent textures and shades. I am totally enthusiastic about it and can't wait to start working on it.

DIY laptop sleeve

I'm currently working on a couple of DIY projects which i will present you shortly.
So what I accomplished a short while ago is a soft sleeve for my boyfriend's macbook. I made it of blue suede with a leather strap to close it tight. I pretty much like the result and the owner of the laptop is excited about it, too, which is really nice for me to see. Hope u feel the same way..

Here u go with the finished sleeve and the making-of


Cutting the fabric, seaming both sides up, pressing a little hole and adding the leather strap.. thats basicly it

and that's it!! Yaaaayy.. hope u like it!


thierry mugler in Paris

THIERRY MUGLER THE NEXT MCQUEEN...? the show was incredible!

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&brand=v5%5E800x450&from=sp&vid=7855c1fc-1aa7-4b49-b706-e6e1c11833ac&src=FLCP:sharebar:embed" target="_new" title="MSN Exclusive: Lady Gaga reveals her new single at the Mugler Paris fashion show">Video: MSN Exclusive: Lady Gaga reveals her new single at the Mugler Paris fashion show</a>

photographed by Luca Cannonieri / Filippo Fior / GoRunway.com 

wooden Jeffrey Campbells

Benched called shoe from Jeffrey Campbell's "Wooden" coollection! arent these magical shoes lovely?!

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Hakaan Yildirim's Autumn/Winter collection was presented on Paris Fashion Week in the Ritz Hotel.
The collection consists of strong tones, a lot of black, red and grey/beige. It is ruled by two hard contrasts, the peices are either super sexy or cool boyish. You see some tight and short dresses with cut-outs and on the other hand some very gamine pantsuits to which they added some transparent tees. This is what makes the collection outstanding. I could wear every single piece, I couldnt even find one single thing I dont like.

photographer: Monica Feudi
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Fashion Week AW11 Recap pt.2


they are so amazing. At first I thought they are uncomfortable always holding something in your hands, but the style is totally worth a little unconvenience. On fashion week events this season we could see them in all different styles, colors and sizes. Most of them Céline, which really turned out as THE in brand right now. The budget version is provided by American Apparel, but I prefer to make one myself..
I'm working on a clutch right now, stay tuned for a DIY!


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The Queen of Fashion Week


no more words needed.. 

The first one is totally my favorite, I like it when she looks a little bit girly-like, sort of like a princess with all the sequins and glitter. The last style for me is a MJ tribute, because the jacket with this belt and its studds is so Michael Jackson.. She is just such a chameleon, she can wear everything and she always looks just gorgious. What I like most is that she is the trendsetter herself, she sets all the trends this season: neons, studds, clutches..

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